Why community?

1 06 2008

“Many of us who are church leaders are just now coming to terms with the negative impact of the last 50 years has had on the church, particularly in modern, high-tech societies. The United States has been dubbed by many sociologists as the most individualized society in human history. Our lives are severely fragmented by planes, trains and automobiles; by excessive activity and just enough discretionary money to pay for it. We are a society that only asks can we do something, not should we do something.

“It is in this context that church leaders must form authentic, Christ-centered community. Most leaders were born into isolation and individualism and “do not know that they do not know” that there is a fundamental problem. Other leaders see the vision of Christ and try to do what they can, but at times it seems nearly impossible. It is easy to give up and many do.”

Randy Frazze, Willow Creek Community Church




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