Top 10

4 07 2008

Mark Peterson serves with the Bridgeway Foundation in Ontario – and has served with his wife providing charitable service while living in Costa Rica, Colombia and the Philippines. I recently came across something he posted – what I would call a “top 10” list of what being the church in our community should look like (particularly in today’s culture):
1. Having a focus outward, not inward.
2. Serving with no-strings-attached, not driving an agenda.
3. Listening to the needs of the community, not imposing one’s own solutions.
4. Learning the language and customs of the community, not being incomprehensible or irrelevant.
5. Enjoying the journey together, not feeling that the destination is the only thing of value.
6. Moving out from our community incarnationally (I am at home everywhere), not bringing people into our community (I am only at home with my own kind).
7. Being all of us together, not “us versus them.”
8. Learning to dwell in the margins or risky areas, not preferring the comfortable centre.
9. Being changed – all of us – not just “them.”
10. Belonging before believing, not believing before belonging.




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