Nope, I’ve never had a blog before now and I’m not sure how well a blog will help but I’m willing to give it a shot.  Help who or what you may be thinking?  Those of us (me included) who are stuck living our faith in a very fragmented way but expected to lead the church into wholeness.  I feel like I/we exist more like a small island in our culture rather than as a part of the Kingdom of God advancing across our continent.   

I like figuring things out – all kinds of things – and for some strange reason one of them is the church in culture.  Maybe the reason for this is my Myers-Briggs INTJ typology or that I have some attributes of an “interpolator.” One thing I know about myself is how limited my perceptions are of external realities (that are much beyond the scope of my daily activities).  In an effort to figure out “whats going on out there” I’ve been doing a lot of reading this past year – books, articles, blogs, podcasts, webcasts, etc. – and I’ve discovered there’s an elephant under the rug (so you could say this blog is about the elephant).

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10 07 2008

You and I are similarly motivated. I’ll be checking in here regularly. I’m at churchwhisperer.com.

7 01 2009

Always glad to see thoughtful Christians and not knee-jerk reactionaries. I am a Christian apostate and consider myself an agnostic atheist. I grew up as a sheltered evangelical for 24 years and then took a geology class. My literalism was my undoing, in terms of my religion. That said, I do feel the Christian church has a need for leadership, and I am happy to see someone I consider thoughtful and well-intentioned championing such a cause. My hope is that the leadership you’re talking about is less about getting the church in line (or worse, the “evils” of society at large) and more about being more Christ-like: a prophetic servant who lifts up those who are in need and castigates those who would take advantage of them. I think the Christian church has really strayed from this ideal (to be Christ-like) at the expense of being more Paul-like (judgmental and legalistic). Thoughts?

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