20 05 2008

Q: Why a blog?
A: Better option than another meeting and it provides the opportunity to discuss critical big picture issues that we never seem to get to at our meetings. A secondary goal is to build unity among Wildwood leaders as we learn form others and one another.
Q: Who will be reading and commenting on this blog?
A: Posting a comment to this blog is accessible only by contributors who gain access by invitation. Currently the invitations have been sent to elders, deacons and staff of Wildwood.
Q: What will be discussed on this blog?
A: Living in liminality: How to live in the transition between what was for something we have yet to experience – both personally and as a church.
Q: Why would anyone want to live in liminality?
A: That’s what will be discussed!  The discussion will hopefully move in multiple directions addressing both very big picture issues (the nature of God, ecclesiology, mission, etc.) and specifics (small groups, spiritual formation, discipleship, relocation, etc.).
Q: How often will this blog be updated?
A: I plan to post something new several times a week.  The posts are meant to be challenging and as catalysts for comments (discussion).