Relocation (continued?)

12 06 2008
Is this an issue we should be talking about? Anyone up for continuing the dialogue? A few weeks ago there were several comments posted regarding relocation following Beyond Church Services.  Here are 3 of them:

 “I’d like to begin with an easy one. If we are called to ‘do church’ beyond our property lines, why are we wanting to build a bigger church?”

 “I and many others would argue that while some of our personal desires may be to move and get bigger, the situations and stumbling blocks along the way so far have been hints from God to slow down or stop that pursuit.

“When the project first was presented the question was asked ‘Would you support a relocation if the spiritual health of the church would support it?’ (or words to that effect). My opinion is that from the top down at Wildwood, we are not spiritually mature enough to handle a move. (That statement is not meant to impugn Pastor Bob, but the body of officers as a whole, Deacons included.)

“How can we get the body of officers on the same collective page? I think that is our principle challenge.”

 “From my perspective the ‘move’ has morphed from its original goal. I can remember clearly that when we first discussed acquiring the property we all agreed that any decision to move to the property should be based on the needs and health of our ministry. It seems to me that as soon as Four Oaks entered the picture with an offer to buy our current facilities, that we became development driven instead of ministry driven and I don’t think that has changed.

“So it seems that we are at a point where we can ‘pause’ in the move. I think we should do so. That we should evaluate our ministries based upon the vision expressed by the quoted statement above and Pastor Bob and seek the guidance of our Lord. As Brian Wolfe said in his comment, He may have been talking to us all along, and we have not heard what He is saying.”




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